Friday, December 29, 2006


I haven't really felt like posting anything of substance because I just want it all to go away. If I don't think or write about it maybe it won't "be." Oh well. Maybe tomorrow I'll deal with it.

I did finally get the motivation to put new links in my "blogs of interest" section (funny how avoiding the more substantive issues gets so many other things done). Let me know if I linky-linked you (thanks for the expression Sideon!) and you want to be taken off, or if I didn't linky-link you and you would like me to do so.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Isn't SIGH the best expression, ever??

I understand fully what you described here. I've been like that my whole life. If I ignore it, maybe it'll go away or get better on its own.

Good luck!

C.L. Hanson said...

Thanks for linky-linking me!!!

I was on hiatus for such a long time that I feel like I missed the boat on helping welcome a lot of new people to Outer Blogness. It's good to feel like part of the community again!!! :D

Just one of many said...

I got a little tingle seeing I was linky-linked, is that legal here in Texas...go ask Gluby!
I think we all need to build a nice shrine in honor of Don (Sideon) and let him know that he is our Skittles and he has awakened a "rainbow of flavor" for all of us!!
I am ADD to the hilt an procrastination should be national past-time or at the very least a holiday! So when we haven't done something, we can say we are observing the Day of Procrastination!!

Lemon Blossom said...

SML - I have been ignoring things my whole life as well, but I as I talk to my son about life I realize that I tell him that fearing something or ignoring it won't make it go away or be easier to deal with when the time comes. I seriously need to start taking my own advice.

CLH - I loved reading what you had written before you went on hiatus and didn't know when you were going to be back. Glad that you are!

JOOM - I know, I get tingles too when I see my link on someone's blog!

Texas is a conservative state so I think that being linky-linked is most definitely not legal.

I love it! Every day is Day of Procrastination at our house. Nice to know I'm just celebrating a holiday!

T. Wanker said...

So LB,

If you guys can talk about linky-link and linky-link each other, why can't you give me some linky-link love too?

I linky-linked your husband, but I always hesitate doing the linky-link on my blog, because I'm new and don't know the cultural norms of how to properly linky-link.

Can you linky-link someone without asking? Well they be offended if you linky-link them without their knowledge? I'm a guy, so any of you can linky-link me any time you want and I won't care (even if it is a link that says "This guy's a bastard, don't read his blog" linky-link, because bad linky-link is better than no linky-link. (I haven't felt this repressed since I was in church or a teenager.)

I try really hard not to care about being offensive, but the good little Mormon boy in me never wants to offend.

And finally is it just me or is your husband go by a blog name of just some GUY with an LB around his heart?

Was that distracting enough to keep you from dealing with anything of substance? Hope so -- Happy New Year.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I love T.Wanker's idea of GUY with LB in there. Awesomely witty.

I'm glad you had a great week with Gluby this last week. So awesome. :)

MattMan said...
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MattMan said...

I just realized that I hadn't linky-linked you. You are now linky-linked on my blog. I see you've already linky-linked me (though I didn't even notice, so I must really be out of it).

Loved the panty day post, btw. How's that going?

Liseysmom said...

Thanks for reminding me - I need to update my linkity links as well!!

Jer said...

Hey, I made the list! Though I've been absent lately I have to say I love both of your blogs.

I'll keep coming back no matter what you post. Don't feel obligated to tackle the heavy stuff before you're ready.

Sideon said...

You all are too much :) I'm blushing, blushing, I say!

I followed wanker's link and it came to a mostly naked man on his blog and since I was at work I was momentarily stunned into silence. Momentarily. Note to self to follow that link when I get home! :)

Lemony - I hope that you're having a great week.

Lemon Blossom said...

T. Wanker – I know what you mean about hesitating on the linky-link thing. I am still not exactly sure about the protocol. Is it silly to ask for permission and then you are looked at like you're stupid, or is it offensive to assume someone would want to be connected to your blog? Fortunately, no one has come at me with an ax (yet) for linking them, so I think I'm on the right track.

I had to laugh, and then coo, at what you wrote about Gluby's name. GUY with an LB around his heart. I love it!

And, yes, it was sufficiently substanceless. Thanks!

SML – Thanks. It was so...nice. I can't even come up with a word to describe how wonderful it was. I know – Sigh. :)

Mattman – Well, since you have now linky-linked me I won't be offended, but you got lucky this time. :)

Overall, the panty thing is going well. (weird, openoffice doesn't have “panty” in its dictionary.) It's weird that I haven't put my garments back on. It has now been, what, three weeks? I thought for sure that I would feel so guilty about not wearing them that I would only wear the panties for a few hours and then keep them in my drawer until I “knew” what I needed to know – whatever that is.

I still don't feel like I “know” the church isn't true, but I do really question its validity. Crazy. I do have moments where I think, “What the heck (yes, I say “heck” still – it drives Gluby crazy) am I doing?” But I have given myself permission to take a step back and just figure things out. Maybe I'll get a hankering to put them on again to see how I feel and what I think. Not too appealing at the moment, though.

I hope things are going ok for you right now!

Liseysmom – I love reminders. And most of the motivation to update my links was avoidance of anything of substance. :)

Yay! I saw your husband is on the blog wagon too.

Jer – Thanks for the reassurance. Even though I started blogging for me, I have enjoyed the comments and support from everyone. So, of course, then I start to worry that if I don't post “good” stuff that everyone will get bored and never come back!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

So, think of the garment thing this way: Do you think less of me as a person in the gospel knowing I've never worn them?

If the answer is no, then why should you feel lesser because you don't wear them?

T. Wanker said...


Thanks for the linky-link -- it feels so good. I reciprocated and linky-linked you as well. (Any one else want in on some linky-link action let me know. I believe in consensual linky-link.)

And you made my day if I made you laugh and coo on Gluby's moniker. I think true love is cool and I wish you two the very best through this difficult time and for all the years to come.


(Sorry Sideon for the naked dentist -- I think it is a naked woman now, so you may have to scroll down for the naked guy.)

Lemon Blossom said...

SML - I definitely do not think less of you as a person in the gospel because you have never worn garments. We are (were) all on The (Mormon) Path to God, and since there is (was) only one Way, the fact that you didn't have them (garments) yet would have just shown (to me) that we were on different parts of the same path.

I think it might have something to do with the whole "where much is given, much is required" thing, and/or that I am always harder on myself than I would be with another person. Since I have gone to the temple and been given the signs and tokens (sorry, no blood oaths, I was post 1990), and made a commitment in the temple, I have found it very anxiety inducing to "go back on them" or look past them. I think (thought) of myself as weak because I couldn't look past all the junk and still say, "I know it is true!" Though I did try for awhile.

Anyway, this is a long explanation to your comment and I have no idea if it is still relevant anymore! :)

T Wanker - Thanks for the linky-link. And I am glad to know that I was able to make your day. I absolutely loved the GUY-LB analysis!