Friday, October 26, 2007

Ok, ok, here's a real post

I'm working on a Christopher Columbus post (which I have been thinking about writing for almost a year) and also on the next "portion" of my "exit" story, so hopefully you all will have some long boring posts to read soon.

Last week, before all of the fires, we let our cats out to go get some sun. After about 10 minutes I noticed that they had come back in and that one of them was staring intently at the ground. I have grown up with cats and I knew that look. I tried to figure out what the cat had brought in and where it was. I finally saw it lying at the cat's feet, on the carpet, almost covered up by our bedspread. A lizard.

Now, I grew up with pet lizards and rats, so it didn't freak me out, but I wondered if it was still alive and in agony. I got Gluby's attention, and of course the boys' attention as well, and we tried to find something to touch it with. As we were talking about it's hit point status and looking for it's "life bar," the cat was periodically checking as well by pushing it with her paw. Suddenly the lizard took off and ran underneath the bedspread over by the top of the bed and our dresser. We all sprang into action. The cats tried to stick their noses under the bedspread (it's a king size spread on a queen mattress, so it covers the floor a bit) while Gluby tried looking behind the dresser. I ran down the stairs to go look for a glass jar and a lid and the boys climbed on the bed to see what they could see. (Now I'm singing "The Bear Went Over the Mountain")

After climbing the stairs two at a time I helped Gluby move the dresser and push the cats out of the way. I saw the lizard nestled under the lamp and alarm clock cords, so Gluby got his Marine sword to see if he could nudge it toward me and into the jar. It didn't move the first few times and then took off toward me. I wasn't prepared for its movement, even though I had been kneeling for about 4 minutes with the mouth of the jar ready where I hoped the lizard would run, so I yelped and jumped away as he ran back under the bedspread right past me. I turned around and saw it hidden just a few inches away. I bent down and put the mouth of the jar at his head and pushed his tail with the lid. He ran in and I quickly put the lid on top.

This whole time the boys were jumping around trying to see and to help. They were of course fascinated by the lizard and ogled at it for a few minutes until we took it back outside to let it go. Talk about excitement for the day. And Gluby looooved my yelp, by the way, and giggled, I mean chortled, over it the rest of the day.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007

Not everything is dire, right?

Okay, I'm not always dire, though Gluby might say otherwise (insert smiley here), so I thought I would write a post about something that isn't dire. Or about poop.

Hm, what does it say about me that I have been mulling over this post for 10 minutes with nothing to say? Maybe I do need life to be dire to post.

Let's see. One of my sister's came to visit me yesterday and we had a nice day sitting and chatting and letting our kids run amok*. We did talk a bit about church stuff, but I'll leave the details out for the sake of privacy. It was really, really nice to see her, though, and I'm glad the visit went as well as it did.

We are getting used to CA, the cold nights and hot days of the desert (hm, now I want dessert), and the yummy multicultural foods surrounding us. Mmmm. Now my mouth is watering for barberry rice.

I love the new place we live in and the fact that I don't worry about running into old ward members at the grocery store or post office. I love that my relationship with Gluby is mending after everything that has happened in the last 5 years. I love the comfort and security I feel when I listen to and watch the waves crash and wash up on the beach. I love the moments when I can mourn my losses and appreciate what I have gained in return.

I have lost who I was, who I thought I was, and who I thought I would be. I have lost my expectations of a Good Mormon Family and the Celestial Kingdom (yah, like I was ever really going to get there even if it did exist). I have lost the support of a community I have known all of my life and expected to always be a part of. I have lost the relationships I used to have with my family.

(ok, now this post is looking too much like the other one - on to the better part)

I love the sense of responsibility I have gained over the last year. If there isn't a God above to take care of the homeless, the hurt, the helpless then I must step up and do something. It hits me a lot harder when I hear of wrongs committed against others or those who have suffered terribly because I don't know "with a surety" that there is a God above who will help these people in the next life.

There is a part of my heart that I am just starting to feel. It is the part of me that is starting to feel sure of things I believe in and have conviction of. It's exciting to realize I have this within me and makes me hopeful that I won't always be this slobbering mess. (Ok, I just had visions of a hairy hump-backed monster drooling and dragging one of it's feet behind it)

I guess I just wanted to say that there is another part of me that I don't always share and it is one that has moments happiness and silliness and pure laughter. Thank you to everyone out in the DAMU who have helped me on this journey. I hope there will be plenty more laughs to share with you all.

*I decided to check the dictionary to make sure this is the word I wanted to use and the first definition of amok is this:1.(among members of certain Southeast Asian cultures) a psychic disturbance characterized by depression followed by a manic urge to murder. I couldn't help but laugh as this was so not what I meant.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I miss

I miss the connection I used to have with my family.

I miss feeling like I could be myself around them.

I miss the highs that came from "feeling" "The Spirit."

I miss feeling hopeful.

I miss community.

I miss "Knowing"

I miss feeling like I have direction in my life.

I miss feeling happy and full inside

I miss "knowing" that there is a God who loves me and knows who I am and watches out for me.

I do not miss always feeling unworthy and so utterly far from being who God wanted me to be that I would never make it to the Celestial Kingdom.

I do not miss feeling guilty for being a human being with sexual desires

I do not miss feeling like I always have to be a role instead of just being who I am: mother, wife, visiting teacher, primary teacher, member missionary, former full-time missionary (so I must be good at missionary opportunities, right?)

I do not miss feeling guilty for not being perfect: did I miss a missionary opportunity? did I just commit a little sin and lose The Spirit so now I won't be guided in my life? Did I do enough? I get angry, I get depressed, I lash out. If I had just studied the scriptures more or prayed more I wouldn't have re/acted that way.

I do not miss feeling the pressure to read and study "the scriptures" every day, go to the temple, go visiting teaching, have one year supply of everything, go to the cannery, genealogy, have a garden, read the Ensign, listen to GC/stake conference, feel eternally fulfilled by folding laundry and making dinner, prepare a spiritual FHE so my kids won't leave the church and forever damn my family, look happy all the time so others can see how happy we are and join the church because they'll be happy and fulfilled too.

I do not miss being afraid that I'll read, hear, or watch something that will make me "lose my testimony."

I do not miss being afraid that Satan is out to get my soul and the souls of my family.

I'll probably add more to this list as I think of them. It's kinda late and it's been a hard day.