Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Reached Capacity

Thanks for all of the comments everyone! I seriously never thought anyone besides Gluby would even look at this, so it is a very pleasant surprise.

I haven't forgotten about Outerblogness (or that I have been tagged!). Had a lot going on lately and haven't had the emotional or mental capacity to post. I hope to do so in the next day or two.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

No pressure, LB. You can even NOT do the tag. We'll still read your blog, you know, and like you just the same.

:) Happy Holidays to you and Glube.

Christy said...

Take your time, LB. We'll still be here to read when you're ready to write. Hang in there!

Gluby said...

But *I* won't like you if you don't do the tag.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Gluby, this coming from YOU. YOU, who have been tagged twice and haven't done it yet??? Puhleease. LB, don't listen to this guy.

Gluby said...


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

She has no choice. I can prattle in her ears all day, at least until I find a job. But, no matter what she writes or says, never forget: she loves it and would complain if I stopped blurting occasional obnoxious things.

And, hey, Mrs. Impatient, it takes time! That tag on "Jesus Christ vs. Lance Burton" took ridiculously longer than it should have. Part of me is convinced that Pete, who was so kind as to tag me with that subject, is a closet sadomasochistic English composition teacher taking out his fantasies of assigning bizarre subject matter to hapless students.

And on the weirdness tags, believe me, there's a lot to sort through. We're at the semifinalist stage in selecting our weirdnesses.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Ha ha ha ha, Gluby. I loved the Lance Burton vs. Jesus post, as you knew I would. I look forward to any and all weirdnesses too.


Lemon Blossom said...

Thanks SML and Christy. At least someone around here isn't pressuring me! Gluby is so mean! You are mean, Gluby. So there. (imagine me sticking my tongue out and making pouty noises.)

from the ashes said...

Lemony- Based on Gluby's description of what you've been through lately, girl, I feel you! I'm so sorry. I spent a long time not telling my family, knowing it would hurt. Then the first Christmas after I told them and I had to face them...Ugh. That's the year I met Christy, actually. So it wasn't all bad!

Lemon Blossom said...

FTA - sorry I took so long responding to your comment!

I have really been enjoying your blog because I feel like you have experienced my pain and your words resonate with me. I'm glad that you met Christy. It helps so much to have support!