Saturday, February 3, 2007

Da, da, da, da!!

Ok, you asked for it, so here it is. A photo! This was taken a few days after I got my hair whacked. Though it doesn't really look much like JOOM's hair, I did use her photo when I went in to get it cut.

I also decided to take this time to out my kids as well, so here they are. S is on the left coloring a fish we are going to catch using magnets. Thanks to his Aunt, who sent them a nice craft box for Christmas, we have lots of options for the fish (a fish with glitter glue and feathers?! Ok, why not.)

M is the one on the right. He is holding an "M" that we painted at one of those paint-you-own pottery places. He absolutely loves that thing and is always asking to hold it. I just hope we don't break it!

So, Bishop Rick, here you are. Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long!!

**photos were taken down because of threatening anonymous stalkers **


Michelle said...

They are so sweet! And I really like your hair!

supernova said...

I love your hair too! It sure looks good! Lovely pics! The kids look adorable! :-)

Freckle Face Girl said...

Your hair is great & what cute boys. It is always nice to put a face with a blog. :)

Just one of many said...

I REALLY like your hair!! My hair was short as a man's 6 months ago!! I had the spike short do for two has been a challenge to grow out!!
It is not like mine, it is WAY better!!

Just one of many said...

Your boys are soooo cute!! Reminds me of my boys when they were that age!

Sideon said...

Wonderful pictures, Lemony! :)

Lemon Blossom said...

Michelle - They are very sweet -most of the time! And thanks!

Supernova - Thanks!!!!!!!(I did the extra exclamation marks just for you!!!)

FFG - I agree about the putting a face with a blog. It makes it more personal for me.

JOOM - Wow, I have never had my hair that short. I would love to do it though, just because it would be so daring for me!

Aah, you're just saying that! Stop! Oh, you are so embarrassing me! *whispering* say it again!! :)

SiDeON - Thanks! When will we see new pictures of progress of the house?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Wow! Where have I BEEN that I MISSED THIS POST??? You are gorgeous! You and your cuter-than-ever kids make my fingers itch to draw once again.....

:) Love the hair cut. And your kids are simply adorable. (Remember these words next time you find they are on your last nerve!)

supernova said...

:-D :-D :-D See how much the exclamation marks made me smile! Thanks a bunch!!!

Lemon Blossom said...

SML - Yes, this is what you have been missing out on. This is why you should check my post every day, every hour, for new posts!! :)

Aww, you are too sweet! I'm glad you like the 'do! I have been wanting to send you a photo of me to draw, but I don't have one yet that I feel is worthy of your talent.

Supernova - glad to have made you smile!!!!!!!!!!!

Bishop Rick said...

WOW Lemon,

I think you and JOOM are sisters...of the good looking variety.

Sam looks just like Gluby in that picture. Nice family.

Sorry it took me this long (actually only 8 days) to find the pics. I have been totally swamped with work lately and have seriously neglected the blogosphere, but I've noticed that others have as well.

Oh well, thanks for sharing.

Lemon Blossom said...

BR - wow, I thought maybe you had seen my photo and thought it was so bad that you didn't want to comment! At least now I know that it wasn't me that kept you away for so long!

Thanks for the compliment, too. It never hurts to hear you're "good looking." :)