Thursday, February 22, 2007

And yet another

Oh, and I sneeze really loud. I can't sneeze softly or daintily. It's not a problem if I am at home or only sneeze once or twice. But when I am in public and I can't stop sneezing and I get a headache from it, then it's a problem.

Man, I can hear my sneezes echo up and down the school hallway....


emerging from the ashes said...

I sneeze really loudly too! I can't help it. DH has tried to teach me to sneeze normal, but I can't.


Bishop Rick said...

What a freakin weirdo...just kidding.

T. Wanker said...

Isn't there some correlation between sneezing and orgasm -- damn, I've got to get my mind out of the gutter --


Lemon Blossom said...

FTA - Gluby hasn't tried to teach me to sneeze normal, but I do get a lot of guff from him for it.

Ha! Bless you.

BR - That's me. Freakin' weirdo!

T - Well, in my case they definitely correlate. Wohoo!

Ahem. I mean, let me help you get your mind out of the gutter. :)

wry catcher said...

Argh, my husband sneezes SO LOUDLY!! My cat meows at him in annoyance every time he sneezes, and sometimes I do too. :-D I sneeze little short, sharp sneezes that most people mistake for small coughs.

You needed to know that.

Sideon said...

I sneeze loud too!

Let's start a super elitist blogging group:

Explosive Sneezers

I've almost thrown my back out from sneezing. I have given people in stores/shops whiplash before - the whole "what the hell was THAT" kind of look. It's not dainty, it's not quiet, and you know what... if you're gonna sneeze then fuck it - have fun with it. :)

Lemon Blossom said...

Wry - does it give both of you a headache when he sneezes? If not, he's not loud enough. :)

I always wanted those kinds of coughs. Much prettier than mine.

Sideon - what a great idea! Our slogan will be, "If you can't shake the house down, you can't come around" Isn't elitism fun?

Ha. I can just see everyone's heads whipping around to see where the bomb is.

Freckle Face Girl said...

You are adding a drop of entertainment to the world.