Friday, May 18, 2007

Let's hope for the best

It is done.


Cele said...

Oh very good.

I was going to ask if you and Gluby were going to visit the Rhododendron Festival, but then it started raining.

I on the other hand get to commentate a soggy parade. Please hope for sunshine.

Lemon Blossom said...

Cele - it isn't raining over here anymore, so hopefully things went well for you in the parade. I hear there is a park out here that is encircled with Rhododenron's. It sounds beautiful and I hope to take the kids there soon while they are in bloom

Succinic said...

Sweety I am here any time day or night. Don't hesitate to get me out of bed or whatever you need. I just got your message and I'm so sorry I didn't hear it and wasn't here when you asked me to be. I've strapped my cell phone to my head and you are my top priority right now so call for anything you need.

I love you brave Lemon Blossom.


Gluby said...

"You're kidding, right?"

One must always reach for those treasured moments of pure, earnest pathos in life, sometimes out of particularly dark times.

So LB goes out to the coffee shop to get out of the house and study while I take care of the kids. At about 5:00 p.m. or so, I have occasion to contact her on her laptop via instant message.

Me: Hey, honey, what do you think is the absolutely most stress-producing thing I could say to you at this moment?

LB: I don't know, maybe something bad happened to the kids?

Me: How about, "Hey, honey, your parents are here."

LB: That would do it.
LB: You're kidding, right?

Me: "They're sitting in the living room as we speak." That would be something, huh?

LB: My heart is racing. You're kidding, right?

Me: Honey, your parents are here.

LB: What?? Please tell me you're kidding.

Me: No, they're here. They drove out. They're in the living room.

LB: Please tell me you're kidding.

And it continued from there. What a fragile, precious moment. My heart went out to her.

They're sleeping on our futon right now. LB was completely freaked out and beside herself for a while, and tried to visit A. before coming home. Once she got here, though, the day went well, we went to dinner with them, they played with the kids, and they have not brought it up, though they may tomorrow. Overall, though, it seems like it will go well and that her parents know better than to do anything but express firm love and acceptance.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Poor LB, though. What a heart attack.

Bishop Rick said...

All I can say

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Oh. My. God.

I'm furiously gonna read her next post now....

Lemon Blossom said...

Succinic – Don't feel bad that you were out with your sweetie. It was definitely better that I needed to figure out early on that I could, and needed to, find the confidence and strength from me. It just helped that process to happen so much faster realizing that I couldn't cry on your shoulder for an hour first.

And that part about the cell phone still makes me laugh. :)

Gluby – you are so mean! :)

I am really glad that you were there and you handled everything beautifully with stride. I love you, sweetie.

Bishop Rick – Wow is right. Double and triple wow is what I was thinking. Or, at least, something close to that.

SML – It probably shouldn't have, but your comment made me laugh. I hope it met your expectations. :)