Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Marter Luthen King Day!

Gluby woke up at 8:20 this morning and, since I am still sick, he got S ready for school. M was still asleep so all was well in the house as I tried to go back to sleep. About 20 minutes later I hear Gluby and S return home and I thought, "Hm, maybe there is a school delay because it's too cold or icy or something."

Soon I heard M clamoring in their bedroom and Gluby asked S to go keep him company until he could go get him. I figured I must have fallen asleep because I didn't remember Gluby getting up to go get M out of his crib, yet he was walking around the house. Later, Gluby came in and asked me if I took M out of the crib. I said, "No, didn't you?" "No." "Oh, good. Does that mean he did it himself? Ugh." It turns out that our 4.5 year old decided he was old enough to help pull his brother out. That is so much better than M getting out on his own!

Anyway, about 20 minutes after they got home S asked me if I wanted the door closed because everyone was up and about. I said he could leave it open and, by the way, why wasn't he at school? He said, "Papa said that it's Ma(mumble) Lu(mumble) King Day."

Me: "Ah, it's Martin Luther King Day? Ok."

Then I hear, "Papa, I told Mama that it's Ma(mumble) Lu(mumble) King Day!"

Gluby: "It's pronounced Martin Luther King Day, S."

He then ran back to our room and said, "It's Marter Luthen King Day, Mama!"

Me: "It is?"

S: "Yup."

Me: "Ok, thanks"

So, on this special day I want to wish you all a Happy Marter Luthen King Day!

And, if you haven't taken the time to listen to any of his speeches, here is a website that has his speeches on audio file. I have only heard two, I have a Dream and I've been to the Mountain Top, but they are amazing. I actually cried listening to the Mountain Top speech.


supernova said...

Your blog is awesome! I stumbled onto it through another blog that I frequent. I hope you don't mind!

Lemon Blossom said...

Supernova - thanks! I'm always glad to hear when someone besides myself has read, and may even like, my blog. Please visit as often as you like! :)

Wow, I took a look at your site as well and it looks like you travel a lot. I would love to travel more (except that two kids make it even more tiring) so enjoy it for me!

Gluby said...

We cried together, though I hid it from you.

I don't know why. I have this thing about being seen emotional.

Freckle Face Girl said...

MLK was an amazingly powerful speaker. I'm a few days late...but happy Marter Luthen King Day to you too!

Lemon Blossom said...

Gluby - You are an amazing man and I am glad that I am married to you. You can cry on my shoulder anytime.

FFG - I had no idea, until Gluby introduced me to him, just how powerful of a speaker he truly was.

Thanks for the MLK wishes!