Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Very quick update

This must be very quick because I am supposed to be resting in bed (I am exhausted).

A very good friend came over last night and I asked him to look over the letter to let me know what he thought. He gave me some great insights and I changed a couple of things in the letter. The best advice he gave, though, was to not give them the letter until I have gone 24 hours without wanting to make any big changes in the letter. The last thing I need here is to try and keep a deadline and then have something in the letter that I wish I had not hastily added. And, since the reason for telling them on the day tax season ended is no longer there, my younger sister being the only one knowing and not being able to get support from family members, I decided to give it a couple of days.

Part of me is just getting really tired of talking about it and not doing it, (and you all are probably saying, "Just do it already!" :) ) and the other part is glad to have waited until I feel less hurried. I really did start to feel like I was rushing myself, though most of it is done, because there were a few things I just wasn't sure about.

So, now that I have posted about it, again, and not done it, again, I, Lemon Blossom, promise not to mention "the letter" again until I have sent it! And, I promise to write sentences with lots of commas in them for all of you comma lovers out there. :)


Cele said...

Lemony, you are putting too much pressure on yourself. One, we dont' mind (well okay I am speaking with the comments you get and from my own frame of mind.) Your friend gave you very sane advice.

I had thought to offer my eyes to read it, but then thought against it. Who am I to give you input or a critique? It is your heart and your life (in that you have to deal with the outcome.)

What I can do is offer you friendship and wish for you peace of mind and sanity. It hurts to see religion screw someone up and anger them so badly.

Gluby said...

Oh, honey, how it warms my heart to see you putting in lots of commas. How I love commas!

I can't promise our love life will pick up as a result, given that we are both miserably sick, but I do promise to cough more sensuously in your direction.

from the ashes said...

LB- I've just caught up on your blog! Wow, you've been through some emotions. I'm sending good vibes your way about the letter. I know how incredibly difficult it is. I agonized over the wording in mine, too.

Remember, though, that the letter is not the last time you'll talk to them. So it doesn't have to explain everything (they don't want to know everything) or be perfect.


I loved wc's letter, too. Wow. Our leaving--at the same time--has been difficult on us, too. You are not alone in that.

wry catcher said...

Coughing sensuously - oh that Gluby, he is an olde fashioned romantic he is. :-D

I agree with Cele - don't pressure yourself too much about the letters. No hurry - gotta do things in your own time. I'm laughing at my own loopiness here, because I want to tell you to not be such an Aries about the letter and related mormon communications with your family. Oh lordy, cumom and I used to talk about everything in a zodiac sense, and I still haven't shaken the habit all these years later.

In conclusion, I'm a dork.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Yes...I agree. Take all the time you need. It is not like they are anxiously waiting for it. :)

JulieAnn said...

Great advice from a friend: When in doubt, don't.

If you are so worried, maybe you just need to sit on it a spell. They aren't going anywhere (unfortunately).

Peace, LB

The Sacred Sister said...

Hey LB,
Hang in there. I can only speak for me, but I don't mind hearing about the letter process. You have more nerve than I do; I haven't told my family I resigned... I want to, but I don't have the guts.
Sending love and positive thoughts your way.

belaja said...

Punctuation is an art, not a science.

In conclusion, I am a geek.

supernova said...

Aah.. I can see lots has been goin on!!! Here's wishing everything has gone well!