Sunday, November 4, 2007

Button, button, who pushed the button

I swear I don't do this just to push Gluby's buttons. Really. I don't. *Ahem.*

This morning, while in the shower, I started singing, "Jingle Bells," "12 Days of Christmas," O Christmas Tree," etc. This drives Gluby nuts for two reasons. 1) Songs get stuck in his head very easily and take weeks to get them out (one song he had in there for a year or more. He had "I'm a Little Tea Pot" in there for so long he wrote 4 part harmony for it). 2) He is not big on Christmas (to say the least), especially before Thanskgiving.

So he may roll his eyes a bit when I start singing these Christmas songs so early in November (or when I sing them in March. Or June. Or August.), or start singing "Like a Virgin" over my singing so as not to hear me. Especially when "O Christmas Tree" has specifically four words: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, la la la la la la la. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, la la la la la la la. La la la la, la la la la. La la la la la la la la. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, la la la la la la la. (I just don't get it. Can anyone tell my why he would not like me singing this over, and over, and over again?!)

I am not, I repeat, I am not singing these songs just to push buttons. And I vehemently deny any accusations even implying I would do such a thing.

Do I protest too much?


Cele said...

I so enjoy singing Christmas carols. I use to have a listener who would call up for Blue Christmas in July.


Bishop Rick said...

Elvis christmas songs are the best !!

Blue Christmas
Merry Christmas Baby
White Christmas (Elvis Version)
It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby

and many more.

supernova said...

Hahahaa... You had me in splits with this post! :-)

Loralee Choate said...

Ehem. All of my children were born to Mannheim Fresh Aire Christmas.

In June, July and August.

You could always sing Chef's Christmas Song from "South Park"

"I wanna lay you down by the yule log and fa-la-la your la."

He'd probably be more enthusiastic. I'm just sayin'...

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Start singing "Libby Libby Libby on the Label Label Label" when he complains. He'll be begging for some Xmas cheer. :)

Freckle Face Girl said...

I force my hubby to listen to Christmas songs too. I think guys (who don't get them stuck in their heads) are worried that the songs will take away some of their macho-ness. :)

Becca said...

I', sorry, but I am with Gluby here, songs get stuck in my head and stay there so long I almost feel desperate over them sometimes. I have been married 10 years to a man who ever once in a while will get an evil glint in his eye causally look away and start to sing "It's a hard knock life" from Annie, because he KNOWS it will be with me for weeks...10 years of this torture!!!

Christy said...

Hi Darlin'! You've been tagged!

Suzy said...

Hey you
Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. Who would have thought we would all have blogs?! What's up with that?

As for the Glub - keep on singin. He loves it!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

So....did you have a nice Thanksgiving? I hope so.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I love Christmas carols ... tis the season :) !!

Jer said...

November 4th huh? Who do you think you are? Me?

Post some stuff, n'stuff.