Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Papers and papers and papers

Ok, I have finished one paper, now on to the next. I have until 10:00 AM on Thursday to read the preface and four chapters in Ernest Renan's The Life of Jesus and write a 6-7 page paper. I know I can do it and am actually a little excited to read stuff about Jesus in a post-TBM-transitional phase perspective, but I still have a question. Is the term over yet?


supernova said...

Wish you all the very very best, LB! I'm sure you'll ace it!

Sideon said...

Happy Studying, LB.


T. Wanker said...

I blog, so I can feel that wonderful pressure of having a paper due every other day or so. School is so much more fun than real life. Enjoy it and hey, maybe share the paper with us when you are done.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Sounds like an interesting read! I kind of miss school when I think about the end of the term & you feel such accomplishment.

Lemon Blossom said...

Supernova - Thanks. I'll find out next week how I did, so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!

Sideon - I'll try to study and I'll try to be happy while studying. :)

T - I'll do my best to enjoy it. I know I'll miss it when I am out of it. Kind of like knowing I'll miss having young kids when they are older, but it can be hard to do while in the thick of things. :)

As far as posting it for you to read, it might be boring and not very good (had a lot on my mind as you know from my post from March 15th), but I'll think about posting it for those who are interested. Thanks!

FFG - I do love that about school. That, and once a paper is done, it is done. It will not reappear in the sink 2 minutes after I have washed it. :)